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Tube Feeding Formula Basics

There is a wide range of tube feeding formulas available. Formulas come in a variety of formats and packaging. Your healthcare professional will consider your medical diagnosis, your unique nutritional requirements, and your feeding schedule when recommending a formula.


A standard tube-feeding formula is a formula that is designed for adults and children who have normal digestion. Standard formulas include all of the nutrients required to maintain health. Some standard formulas can be used for both tube feeding and as an oral supplement and some contain added ingredients, such as fiber, for digestive health and bowel management.

Examples include Isosource® HN, Isosource® 1.5 Cal, Fibersource® HN, Nutren® 1.0, Nutren® 1.0 Fiber, Nutren® 1.5, Nutren® 2.0, Replete® and Replete® Fiber, Nutren® Junior, Nutren® Junior Fiber, Compleat® Pediatric Standard 1.0, Compleat® Pediatric Standard 1.4, Compleat® Standard 1.4.


Elemental formulas are easier for the digestive system to digest and absorb, making them better suited for adults and children with digestive problems, including malabsorption, short bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, cystic fibrosis and other conditions that can cause problems with absorbing nutrition.

Examples include Peptamen®, Peptamen Junior®, Alfamino™ Junior, and Vivonex® RTF.


Commercially prepared blenderized formulas are made from real food ingredients such as chicken, vegetables and fruit, along with added vitamins, minerals, fiber and other nutrients. Compleat formulas are suitable for adults and children who require or prefer a tube feeding formula made with real food ingredients. Compleat offers the widest range of real food, plant-based and organic options.

A blenderized formula also has the advantage of providing ingredients from recognizable foods, which may help you participate in family mealtime because you are enjoying some of the same foods.

For children 1-13 years: Compleat® Pediatric, Compleat® Pediatric Reduced Calorie, Compleat® Pediatric Organic Blends, Compleat® Pediatric Peptide.

For 13+ years: Compleat®, Compleat® Organic Blends, Compleat® Peptide.


Blenderized formulas can also be made at home with all your favorite foods. It is important to follow specific techniques during handling, preparation, storage and usage of the formula.

Before starting or switching to a homemade tube feeding regimen, consult with your health care professional to make sure it is right for you or your loved one. The decision should be based on yours or your loved one's unique needs. If you are already using a commercial tube feeding formula, but want to start using a homemade blenderized formula, work closely with your healthcare provider to determine the best transition plan.

The blenderized tube feeding recipe builder is an online tool that simplifies the development of nutritionally appropriate recipes for patients and caregivers who want to blend tube feeding recipes at home. It will help you build your own blenderized tube feed recipes with detailed nutritional information including calories and final blended volumes. Check out the recipe builder at blend-from-scratch.

A nutritionally complete formula such as Compleat®, Compleat® Pediatric, and Compleat® Pediatric Reduced Calorie may be used as a base for a blenderized diet. A variety of other foods, including fruits, vegetables, and a protein source, can then be added to the mixture and blended. If using one of these formulas as a base for a blenderized feeding, the added ingredients used should be reviewed by a registered dietitian to make sure that nutrient requirements are be met. Vitamin, mineral, or protein supplements may be necessary to meet nutrient requirements.


Specialized formulas are available for adults and children with special nutrient needs for specific medical conditions, such as diabetes or kidney disease. The formula should be selected by a physician or a registered dietitian who is familiar with the various formulas and should be used under medical supervision.

Examples include: Glytrol®, Diabetisource® AC and Novasource® Renal.


Plant-based formulas contain a protein sourced from plants, including peas or soy. These formulas are appropriate for patients who are vegan, prefer plant-based proteins or have milk allergies.

Examples include: Compleat® Standard, Compleat® Pediatric Standard, Compleat® Peptide, Compleat® Pediatric Peptide, Compleat® Organic Blends Plant-Based blend.

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ENFit® Connector System

The ENFit® connector system is part of an international initiative to promote safe nutrition delivery by reducing the risk of accidental misconnections. Worldwide, all enteral feeding tubes, sets and syringes will have a connector that is only compatible with tube feeding equipment and tube feeding supplies, complying with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). This change has the support of hospitals, industry, patient advocacy groups, and regulatory bodies worldwide.

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ENFit® is a registered trademark of GEDSA.

For parents or caregivers of infants and children — The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is warning healthcare providers, parents and caregivers of children who receive enteral feeding that there is a risk of strangulation from the use of tube feeding delivery sets. To the extent possible, avoid leaving the feeding set tubing where infants or children can become entangled. Discuss with your child’s healthcare provider the steps you can take to avoid the risk of tubing wrapping around your child’s neck. To learn more, visit the FDA site at potential-risk-strangulation-children-who-use-enteral-feeding-delivery-sets

Talk with your healthcare professional to see if a Nestlé Health Science formula is right for you. The content on this website is for educational purposes only and should not be considered to be medical advice. It is not intended to replace the advice of your healthcare team. Please consult your healthcare team with any questions about the appropiate nutition and delivery of you or your child's nutrition.