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The right nutrition can be life-changing – we've developed our medical nutrition portfolio around this idea.

Our products support people with different medical conditions or illnesses by aiding their nutritional status and helping to improve their health. That includes babies with food allergies, children who require their nourishment through tube feeding, critically ill hospital patients, and many others.

Our teams work with researchers, healthcare professionals, patients, and caregivers to continually innovate and advance our offerings. The best results can only come from the best science, and our dedication is unwavering.

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Inborn Errors of Metabolism Brands

Inborn errors of metabolism are rare genetic (inherited) disorders in which the body cannot properly turn food into energy. The disorders are usually caused by defects in specific enzymes that help break down (metabolize) parts of food. There are many different types of inborn errors of metabolism, such as those involving disorders of amino acids, carbohydrate, or fatty acid metabolism. Lifelong dietary management including restrictions specific to the disorder is often the cornerstone of treatment. Optimal dietary management is dependent upon many factors, and typically a specialized multidisciplinary medical team develops and updates the individualized plan of care.


Vitaflo® is at the forefront of developing innovative specialized medical foods for Inherited Metabolic Diseases, Pediatric Kidney Disease, and the Ketogenic Diet. Our aim is to create nutritional products that combine cutting edge research with the lifestyle demands of modern living, ensuring the most acceptable products are available for nutrition management. By constantly evolving to meet the nutrition needs of people with rare conditions, Vitaflo® will continue to develop products and services which offer choice, flexibility and convenience to support a sustainable therapeutic diet.

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