May 15, 2022

Robotic Technology Generates Millions of Gummy Vitamins Daily for Consumers

The robotics help to enhance safety, improve product quality, support employee ergonomics, and increase productivity. 

Consumers are looking for convenient nutritional solutions to help them lead enhanced lives. For kids and adults too, gummy vitamins are a popular choice for those looking to address nutritional gaps using a fun, great tasting product.  

To better meet consumer demand, we have made a significant investment to modernize our manufacturing technology. At our San Antonio facility, a new gummy making machine, also known as a mogul, utilizes two robots and the newest technology in automation. 

“Our newest mogul can handle the entire gummy-making process end-to-end. Robotics and other advanced controls help to enhance safety, improve product quality, support employee ergonomics and increase productivity,” said Jay Jones, Chief Technical Operations & Supply Chain Officer, Nestlé Health Science U.S. “This innovative technology enables us to produce 400 million gummy vitamins per month.”

Our product portfolio offers consumers a wide range of gummy vitamins from brands such as Puritan’s Pride, Nature’s Bounty and Sundown

To see the robots in action, check out the video below.