March 16, 2023

Orgain Earns B Corp™ Certification

Orgain joins several other Nestlé Health Science U.S. businesses as B Corp Certified

We’re proud to announce that Orgain, a leader in plant-based nutrition, has earned its B Corp™ Certification, joining a growing movement of like-minded businesses balancing purpose and profit to positively impact the planet and the people living on it.

“Balancing purpose and profit to effect positive change is in Orgain’s DNA and I’m excited that we’re joining a community of companies driven to do good,” said Dr. Andrew Abraham, CEO & Founder, Orgain. “Together, we can have a greater impact on the world and the people who call it home by implementing sustainable business practices that allow us to continue providing good clean nutrition for generations to come.”

Orgain joins several other U.S. businesses in our portfolio who have also achieved B Corp Certification, including brands such as Compleat®, BOOST®, and Carnation Breakfast Essentials®.

“Achieving B Corp Certification through the rigorous review and evaluation process demonstrates Orgain’s ongoing commitment to positive change for people and the planet,” said Christiane Baker, Director of Sustainability, Nestlé Health Science U.S. “Orgain’s achievement is a significant milestone on our journey of being a business of care, and we’re proud to be a member of the B Corp community and movement.”  

You can read more from Orgain online here.

Certified B Corporations, or B Corps™, are companies verified by B Lab™ to meet high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. To earn B Corp™ certification, Orgain worked with B Lab™ to complete its comprehensive B Impact Assessment™ which rigorously evaluates five key areas: Workers, Environment, Customers, Community, and Governance. 

B Corp Certifications is just one part of our sustainability journey. You can learn more about how we ensure every aspect of our business has a net positive impact on both people and the planet online here.

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