June 03, 2024

Celebrating Pride Month: Embrace Diversity, Celebrate Unity

A time to recognize, celebrate and reflect


This June, Nestlé Health Science is proud to join the global community in celebrating Pride Month. Together, throughout the month, we strive to highlight the importance of embracing and celebrating the diverse identities and experiences within the LGBTQA+ community. This recognition also emphasizes the significance of promoting unity and inclusivity in the workplace, fostering a sense of belonging and equality for all.

"At Nestlé Health Science, we're not just checking boxes – we're creating a genuinely inclusive environment where everyone feels empowered to thrive as themselves," said Laurel Catlett-King, Vice President and Head of Human Resources. "Pride Month is a great opportunity to shine a spotlight on what makes our organization so great – the people! We stand as firm as ever in our unwavering dedication to diversity, equality, and inclusion."

Fostering Allyship and Awareness Through Charitable Partnerships

As part of our celebration of Pride, we’re excited to announce charitable partnership with Out & Equal, the premier global nonprofit organization working to advance LGBTQ+ representation, equity, inclusion, and belonging in the workplace, and beyond, as well as a continued partnership with LGBT Network, a nonprofit organization that is a home and a voice for LGBT people, their families, and support systems in Long Island and Queens.

“Pride is an important reminder of the principles we must uphold all year long: valuing difference, leading with empathy and inclusion, and fostering belonging. Partnerships, like the one with Nestle, are reaffirming this commitment to these tenets,” said Erin Uritus, CEO of Out & Equal said. ” Together, we are building workplace cultures rich in inclusion where LGBTQ+ people can show up as their authentic self and thrive. We are advancing LGBTQ+ equity in the workplace and beyond. We are making meaningful change."

These partnerships will help offer educational programs, workshops, and resources that enhance awareness and knowledge on topics related to the LGBTQA+ community, and strengthens our efforts to create a culture of inclusivity, understanding, empathy, and allyship among our employees.

Strengthening Education and Awareness

Additionally, we are continuing to host internal workshops and ally trainings for employees to deepen their understanding of LGBTQA+ issues and learn how to be effective allies in creating a more inclusive workplace.

Initiatives, in partnership with LGBT Network, will focus on education, awareness, and support, and include virtual workshops, on-site events and celebrations, resource sharing and volunteer opportunities – all with the aim of highlighting what employees can do to support LGBTQA+ colleagues throughout the month and beyond.

Continuing Our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Journey

Nestlé Health Science’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) transcends Pride Month. We have implemented various initiatives to ensure equal opportunities for all employees, including partnering with our global community to encourage courageous conversations, share best practices and build a culture of belonging for all.

Our commitment to DE&I includes offering progressive workplace policies, such as equal parental leave for biological and adoptive parents, and financial support for gender transition medical costs. Our Employee Resources Groups are helping the company to drive and maintain an inclusive culture and serve as a critical resource as we advance new initiatives.

Looking toward the future, we continue to build a talent pipeline of next generation leaders from all communities; by diversifying where applicants are sourced and ensuring job descriptions use inclusive language.