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A range of powdered carbohydrate drink mixes for use as an emergency regimen in the dietary management of inborn errors of metabolism. Each dose‐related sachet is made up to a final volume of 200ml to provide age‐specific carbohydrate concentrations. S.O.S is suitable from birth.

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Why emergency regimens are required
In many inborn errors of metabolism, individuals require an emergency regimen when they are ill. The exact recipe for emergency regimens can vary. In its simplest form, emergency regimens are composed of just water and carbohydrate. However, even these simple emergency regimens must be made up accurately if they are to work effectively.
Key Features
  • Carbohydrate concentrations available: 15%, 20% and 25%
  • Easy to use – No scoops or scales required
  • Transparent packet - ensures all the powder is emptied from the packet
  • Neutral tasting

Product Number



 Reimbursement Code



S.O.S. 20

30 x 42g packets


B4157 & B4162


S.O.S. 25

30 x 52g packets


B4157 & B4162

 WIC-Eligible Medical Food

Inborn Errors of Metabolism