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PKU air 20

PKU air®

The lowest calorie ready to drink medical food for the dietary management of PKU*

PKU air is specifically designed with the needs of teenagers and adults in mind; however, it is suitable from 3 years of age.

PKU air is a food for special medical purposes and must be used under medical supervision.

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*Based on calories per gram (g) protein equivalent

Key features

  • Lowest calorie ready to drink option*
  • Low in sugar
  • Available in 20g protein equivalent pouches
  • Contains a full range of vitamins and minerals
  • Contains DHA
  • Available in three unique flavor options: green (citrus twist), gold (coffee fusion), and yellow (mango breeze)


Product Number



 Reimbursement Code



PKU air 20 Gold

30 x 174ml


B4162 & B4157


PKU air 20 Green

30 x 174ml


B4162 & B4157


PKU air 20 Yellow

30 x 174ml


B4162 & B4157

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