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Healthy eating is a good start, but major surgery places unique nutritional demands on the body that cannot typically be met through a normal diet alone.
All Points Bulletin

According to Mary Miranowski, Medical Scientific Liaison and Registered Dietitian at Nestlé Health Science, the body experiences surgery as a trauma. “Normally, when we think of trauma, we think of car accidents or a fall from a building; but the surgeon’s scalpel cut is felt by the body in the same way as a traumatic injury,” says Miranowski.

And, so with surgery, your body responds with an all-points bulletin. There is intensified usage of certain nutrients, such as arginine and nucleotides, as well as increased inflammation throughout the body. These changes can adversely affect the immune system, making you more vulnerable to postoperative infections, causing longer hospital stays and increasing readmission to the hospital, all of which can lead to increased costs.1,2

Mary Miranowski

So what sort of nutritional therapy works best in surgery prep?

According to Miranowski, it is important to choose a surgical nutrition formula that includes:

Surgery Nutrition Formula

“Nestlé Health Science actually makes the only product available in the US, IMPACT Advanced Recovery® Immunonutrition Drink, that has a studied blend of all three ingredients. These ingredients help support normal immune system functioning. The clinical studies have been done to show that the product helps reduce the risk of postoperative infection and the time major surgery patients need to stay in the hospital,”3 says Miranowski.

IMPACT Advanced Recovery® Immunonutrition Drink contains a unique blend of nutrients that can help reduce the risk of urinary tract and other infections from major surgery compared to standard nutrition.3,4,5

Key points to remember when prepping for surgery:

Nutritional therapy is an often-overlooked strategy for decreasing the risk of postoperative infections.

IMPACT Advanced Recovery® Immunonutrition Drink has been shown to help reduce the length of hospital stays for major surgery patients.3



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