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The real food trend is everywhere. You can’t go down a grocery store aisle without the words “real” or “organic” food grabbing your attention as if they were in blazing neon lights. That’s because there is a growing desire among consumers to avoid food with artificial flavors, colors and sweeteners as well as genetically modified organisms (GMOs).1 In fact, in a 2014 report, 73% of U.S. consumers are purchasing at least some organic foods and beverages.1 And this interest in “real” and organic foods is no different in the world of tube feeding.

"Parents want to give their tube-fed loved one real food just like the rest of the family is eating.” says Jenny, Associate Director of Medical Nutrition Innovation, “They are looking for formulas with ingredients, such as chicken, fruits and vegetables.”

The Growing Real Food Trend


According to MaryAnna, Senior Marketing Manager, having options is very important to parents of tube-fed children. “We already have products, Compleat® and Compleat® Pediatric formula that are made to include real food ingredients from peas, peaches, and carrots. But we found that some patients wanted a 100% organic tube-feeding option so that’s why we are introducing Compleat® Organic Blends formulas.”

Providing a sense of normalcy

One of the biggest things that people who tube-feed miss is a sense of normalcy. “Feeding their child or loved one a real food tube-feeding formula feels more “normal”. It is something that they may have thought wasn't possible when they were told that their loved one was going to go on a tube-feeding formula. Being able to provide their child with a formula containing real food is an amazing feeling,” says Jenny.

The Growing Real Food Trend


And as part of a normal diet, patients don't want to consume the same food every day for every meal. So the Compleat® Organic Blends formula comes in two real food options—one is plant protein-based and the other is chicken protein-based with fruits and vegetables. In the future, Nestlé Health Science is looking to provide even more organic feeding tube food options for consumers to choose from. According to Jenny, “We've talked about creating additional real food options to meet a wide variety of occasions and needs.”

The challenge of real food

The Growing Real Food Trend


In the past, parents wanting to incorporate real food into their child’s diet had to create the formula from conventional or real foods using a high-powered blender. While many parents enjoy making their child’s organic tube-feeding food, they often don’t have the time. “There’s a fair bit of complexity that goes into making real food formulas,” MaryAnna says. “It's often tough to find that right mix of foods to make sure that your child is getting the complete and balanced nutrition that they need.”

Developing real food options

“I think the fact that Nestlé, a major food company with strict production processes and extensive quality control, is the manufacturer behind this product gives people a real sense of security,” says MaryAnna. “I know I’m proud to be able to provide such high-quality real food options that meet such an important consumer need.”

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