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Going in for a hospital stay could be costlier than you expect. The hospital stay cost is not just a financial one. Time is also a factor. Your hospital stay might be longer than anticipated, for various reasons, including an infection. Once you are home, you could face readmission days or weeks later. These complications can impact the quality of your life—and ultimately, the overall hospital stay cost.

Making a difference in your overall hospital stay cost can happen before, during or after your stay

While most patients feel that what happens in the hospital is largely out of their control, there is something quite straightforward—and is often overlooked—that may make a difference in your hospital stay cost. A healthy recovery can start even before entry into the hospital stay. Take some time to make sure that you (or a loved one) get the right nutrition before, during and after your hospital stay.

Nutritional Therapy and Hospital Costs


Studies show that specialized nutritional therapy products may lower the overall hospital stay cost by contributing to a shorter stay in the hospital, reducing the number of hospital acquired infections, and resulting in fewer readmissions to the hospital.1-4 Chris Nader, Associate Director of Strategic Solutions at Nestlé Health Science, asserts, “It’s issues like these that can drive up your cost for a hospital stay, increase the time you spend in the hospital, and most importantly, negatively impact your outcome."

Nutritional therapy is not just about getting enough calories

Your overall hospital stay cost is affected by how well you enter into and recover from your treatment. It is important that you advocate for and get the appropriate amount and type of nutrition before, during and after your hospital stay.

Ingredients matter. For example, the unique blend of ingredients in IMPACT® Formulas include arginine, omega-3 Fatty Acids, and nucleotides. This product has been specifically formulated with these nutrients to address the unique nutritional needs of a patient recovering from major surgery. Senior Clinical Project Manager at Nestlé Health Science, Seletha Periman, advises, “IMPACT® formulas have been shown to support the immune system for surgical and trauma patients when consumed under the direction of a healthcare professional.”5,6

Periman adds, “We also created Peptamen® Intense VHP (Very High Protein) formula for those patients requiring peptide-based enteral feeding (nutrition delivered via a feeding tube). The Peptamen® Intense VHP formula provides the high levels of pre-digested protein needed for select patients, while reducing the carbohydrates that may lead to hyperglycemia (high blood sugar). Hyperglycemia is often a problem for critically-ill hospitalized patients—not just those with diabetes.”7 The right nutritional therapy can positively impact a hospital stay.

The importance of specialized nutritional products does not stop with patients undergoing surgery or those who are tube-fed. The general medical patient is at higher risk of malnutrition which can lead to longer hospital stays and increase that probability of being readmitted. The Head of Medical Affairs at Nestlé Health Science, Krysmaru Araujo Torres, counsels that “in patients at risk of malnutrition, the use of oral nutritional supplements, such as BOOST® formulas, has been associated with helping reduce a patient’s hospital length of stay and lower the chance of being readmitted within 30 days after their discharge.”8,9

Three tips for getting the right nutritional therapy before, during and after your hospital stay

Three tips for getting the right nutritional therapy before, during and after your hospital stay

Want to make a difference in your hospital stay?

Read how specialized nutrition can play an important role during a hospital stay and then consult your doctor.

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Enteral tube feeder? Achieve your higher protein needs

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