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“Some people say they're retired, but I say that I'm rewired.”
Kathleen, Jazz Singer

Sometimes creative pursuits are put on the shelf while life takes over, only to reassert themselves later in life after retirement. Consider Grandma Moses, the famous artist, who said, “I had always wanted to paint, I just didn’t have time until I was 78.”

Healthy Aging: Why Retire When You Can Rewire?


Kathleen, age 65, is another example of someone who turned to more creative pursuits in her life after retirement. She became a professional jazz singer after a long and successful business career. Katherine was recently featured in the BOOST® Be UP For IT video series highlighting healthy aging and people up for making their dreams a reality.

Life after retirement: A journey from business executive to professional jazz singer.

As told by Kathleen:

Healthy Aging: Why Retire When You Can Rewire?

My 32-year career was with the Atlanta Convention and Visitor's Bureau. I rose through the ranks while I was there, all the way up to senior vice president of the company. I was the highest-ranking female at the Atlanta Convention and Visitor's Bureau. It was just time. You know what I'm saying? You wake up one morning, and you're thinking a lot more about music than about a board meeting.

Some people say they're retired, but I say that I'm rewired. Being rewired means that I have an opportunity to structure my day the way that I want it. You're as young as you feel. I think we all are not necessarily trying to be younger. We're trying to be all that we are.

Healthy Aging: Why Retire When You Can Rewire?


Music is inspiring because music can change a movement, it can change a way of thinking. It can lift you up. What I love most about jazz is that it feels free when I listen to it or when I sing it. If the sound is right, the band is happening, it's an amazing feeling. You are not only in the moment, but in each note of the music. I can't explain it any other way but to be centered in each note of what you're doing. The human body is an amazing, amazing creation. I watch what I eat, and I exercise. Paying attention to your body is really important for healthy aging.

Check out how Kathleen views her exciting life after retirement:


Optimize your life after retirement

Healthy Aging: Why Retire When You Can Rewire?

Healthy aging and staying vibrant enough to take on new challenges in retirement is doable with a little preparation, including making sure you are getting the right nutrition every day. According to Karen Lundgren, Head of Medical Affairs, US Consumer Care Business for Nestlé Health Science and Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN), “In fact as you age, you need more protein, calcium and vitamin D to maintain muscle, bone, vitality and an active lifestyle. That’s why our BOOST Optimum™ Advanced Nutritional Drink contains 22 grams of protein, 350 mg of calcium and 480 IU of vitamin D in each bottle.”

Healthy aging: Up for the next challenge?

Try BOOST Optimum™ as a mini-meal or snack to help get the nutrition you need for healthy aging and to stay active in life after retirement. The 5-1 Advanced Nutrition formula contains a unique blend of protein, vitamins and mineral to support healthy aging including 22 grams of protein, calcium and Vitamin D for muscle and bone health, Vitamin A for vision, B vitamins to help convert food to energy and antioxidants (including Vitamins C, E and selenium) to support normal immune function.

Healthy Aging: Why Retire When You Can Rewire?