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“Be up for being a student of life!”
Ricardo, Latin dance instructor

Be up for finding your true passion in retirement. Age was no barrier for Ricardo in becoming a Latin dance instructor after a successful career as a college counselor at Morehouse College. Ricardo credits getting the right nutrition for older adults for giving him the chance to take on such a healthy active lifestyle later in life.

Dancing Into a Healthy Active Lifestyle

A journey toward a healthy active lifestyle

As told by Ricardo:

Ricardo is a real inspiration

When I was a lot younger, maybe six, seven, eight years of age, we used to love watching people dance. I really didn't start dancing until maybe when I was about 21 years of age.

I was a counselor who worked in Morehouse College for about 15 years. We would recruit five to seven different high schools, to bring these kids to the college, and perform classes for them. Classes were Spanish, English, Math, and what I did was counseling, and trying to talk with them about how to change their life living circumstance.

Dancing Into a Healthy Active Lifestyle


When I retired, I knew I was going to pursue dancing, because it happened so naturally. I didn't just think, “I'm going to pursue it that way.” It just happened. It just flowed. When I dance, I feel very light, and I feel like a young 80-year-old out on the dance floor. Proper nutrition for older adults is key to a healthy active lifestyle. It gave me a chance to pursue whatever it is that I'd like to do.

Now that I'm able to pursue my other passion, it's another part of the growth process that is just absolutely fabulous. Growth is what it's supposed to be about, period. I love merengue. Merengue is very exciting, because you have the drums, and you have the large band groups. There are people getting into merengue, and they're really getting into it. It is just simple one-two, one-two step. Absolutely fabulous dance.

Check out Ricardo’s healthy active lifestyle in this video:

Keep dancing in retirement with a healthy active lifestyle

According to Karen Lundgren, Head of Medical Affairs, US Consumer Care Business for Nestlé Health Science and Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN), the right nutrition can help give people a healthy active lifestyle well into their 70’s and beyond. “With people who want to maintain a healthy active lifestyle well into their 80’s like Ricardo, it’s important to make every bite or calorie count. Many seniors eat far less than when they were young and can struggle to get the nutrients they need. That’s why we created BOOST Optimum™ Advanced Nutritional Drink with a unique blend of 26 essential vitamins and minerals as well as 22 grams of high-quality protein. It’s convenient, on-the-go, essential nutrition to help older adults get the nutrition they need.”

Dancing Into a Healthy Active Lifestyle


Of course a positive outlook also helps. As Ricardo says, “Keeping a healthy active lifestyle is the true wealth. The best years I think are still yet to come. Be up for being thankful for what you have. Be up for doing something else that's going to keep you going. Be up for being a student in life.”

Optimizing nutrition for older adults

Make sure you get the nutrients you need. Consider BOOST Optimum™ Drink. It was specifically designed with 5-1 Advanced Nutrition with 22 grams of protein to support lean muscle; calcium and Vitamin D for strong bones; Vitamin A, zinc and riboflavin for vision health; B vitamins to help convert food to energy; and antioxidants (including Vitamins C, E and selenium) to support normal immune function.

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