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MyTubefeeding Tracker App

MyTubefeeding Tracker

About the MyTubefeeding Tracker App

MyTubefeeding-Tracker App

MyTubefeeding™ TRACKER App is the first digital solution to facilitate nutrition delivery tracking, adherence to feeding regimen, and assist in monitoring patient outcomes.

Parents, caregivers, and an entire healthcare team work tirelessly to help a child reach milestones. When a child is tube fed, the assurance of knowing that the growth is on track is especially important.

MyTubefeeding™ TRACKER — the first and only digital solution of its kind — makes it easier to monitor nutrition, bowel movements, potential issues in the feeding process such as tolerance, and overall growth and development. MyTubefeeding™ TRACKER is an innovative digital solution to improve tracking of delivered nutrition, aid in adhering to feeding regimens and assist in monitoring patient outcomes.

The MyTubefeeding™ TRACKER offers a new tool for parents and caregivers of children with special nutritional needs to track nutrition goals, feeding tolerance, bowel movement and growth and development. This app can also provide the assigned healthcare professional with detailed information on the feeding process.

Our vision reflects our focus on the needs of the people we serve – namely consumers or patients, and the doctors, nurses, healthcare specialist and caregivers who play a role in the management of their health.

Download the MyTubefeeding™ TRACKER App on your iphone by clicking here.

Watch this short video that highlights features of the MyTubefeeing™ Tracker App

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Have questions about the MyTubefeeding™ TRACKER App, explore our frequently asked questions below:

What is the MyTubefeeding™ Tracker?

The MyTubefeeding™ Tracker is:

  • The first digital solution to facilitate accurate nutrition delivery, adherence to feeding prescriptions, and assist in monitoring patient outcomes
  • A pediatric-focused nutrition and growth tracking App that supports both the Healthcare Professional as well as the Parent/Caregiver and ties with a visual and strategic thread to our overall Nestlé Health Science pediatric branding. This innovative, supportive tool is designed to help them easily track and monitor:
  • NUTRITION: Set nutrition goals and accurately monitor nutrient delivery.
  • INTOLERANCE: Identify and compile symptoms of feeding intolerance.
  • BOWEL MOVEMENTS: Use visual cues to help monitor BM evolution.
  • GROWTH & DEVELOPMENT: Track growth milestones using visual guidelines.
  • Before starting, follow your healthcare professional’s instructions to check the position of the tube before you begin a feeding

How does MyTubefeeding™ Tracker work?

The MyTubefeeding™ tracker App allows parents and caregivers to easily record their child’s tube-feeding journey. The interface tracks formula and food intake, bowel movements and growth and development activity, designed to provide easy and accurate reporting. All data collected on the App is stored locally on the user smartphone; no data is collected by Nestlé Health Science.

How can this App help parents and healthcare providers?

The MyTubefeeding™ Tracker App is an incredible tool for parents and HCPs caring for children with nutritional needs. The tool are designed to provides structured information to parents, caregivers and healthcare professionals designed to help track and monitor nutrition, growth and development. This App will also provide the assigned HCP more detail about the nutrition delivered, and help to identify any issues relating to the feeding process.

Does this App provide medical advice?

MyTubefeeding™ TRACKER is an App for parents and caregivers designed to conveniently help monitor and track their child’s tube-feeding nutrition, tolerance and growth, and to easily share progress reports with their healthcare team. MyTubefeeding TRACKER is not for rendering medical advice or services, nor does it create a doctor-patient relationship. MYTUBEFEEDING TRACKER IS NOT INTENDED FOR TREATMENT OR DIAGNOSTIC PURPOSES. IT IS NOT INTENDED TO REPLACE THE ADVICE OF YOUR CHILD’S HEALTHCARE TEAM. Always consult your healthcare team with any questions or problems about your child’s home tube-feeding plan. Never disregard professional medical advice, nor delay in seeking it, because of your use of the MyTubefeeding™ Tracker.

Why did Nestlé Health Science develop this?

Nestlé Health Science strives to make a positive contribution to the nutritional health, well-being and quality of life of pediatric patients through the development and delivery of innovative, medically recognized branded nutritional solutions for acute and chronic conditions.

MyTubefeeding™ Tracker fits with the NHS mission, and bring a value added service tool that will provide the targeted audience with the ability to help track pediatric patient’s nutrition and growth. The App is designed to facilitate communication between the caretaker and healthcare provider(s) by sharing the tracked information through email or hardcopy; the hope is that such communication will help improve patient's outcomes.

The App will provide NHS with direct marketing communications platform with intended audience. The App will have direct connectivity with the set of educational tools and resources.

Providing value beyond products will differentiate NHS as a leading innovator in providing comprehensive solutions design to improve compliance, performance and quality of life.

Is the MyTubeFeeding™ Tracker Free?

Yes, the App is free to be download and used by patients and healthcare professionals.

What Operating Systems is the App Compatible With?

The MyTubefeeding™ App is compatible with iOS operating systems.

Does Nestlé Health Science collect/store any patient information?

Data collected through MyTubefeeding™ TRACKER App is stored on the user's personal device. Nestlé Health Science does not have access to the stored data.

If I update the App, my information will be deleted?

No, the updates are not going to delete your information. All of the content entered will stay on the App.

How long is the feeding history saved?

The feeding history is saved for the lifetime of the App. Since all data is stored locally on the user’s smartphone, if the App is deleted, all data (history) will be lost.

Is it available in other languages?

For now, the application is only available in English.

Can the App be shared across multiple users ( ie- Can mom, dad, nurse, caregiver, etc. all log in under the same username/password to have access to enter in the information)

No, the current design is for a single user, on the user’s own device and cannot be shared among multiple users. It can however be emailed by the registered user to anyone the user decides to share the information with.

How should nutritional supplements products be entered?

Modular products can be entered into the Food Library as Formula or as Other Foods. In either of both sections, all input variables are optional.

Can you choose to have automatic reports sent to clinicians ( ie- can you schedule to have a monthly /weekly report automatically)

For now, reports need to be run and sent manually by each user. Reports can compile information in weekly, monthly and annual basis, and can be limited to any specific dates selected by the user.

Can the generated reports be saved?

Yes, the generated report can be saved locally on a device and shared by email.

If a person doesn’t have a smart phone, is the same TF tracking program available through the My Tube Feeding Kid website?

No, this is a mobile device App. However, under MyTubeFeedingKid™ website you can have tips on how to follow up on your child’s tube feeding needs.

Does the App have educational content?

The App does not have any educational content. For educational content, please visit the MyTubeFeedingKid™ website.

Who can I contact if I’m having issues with the App?

Customers experiencing any trouble for the App direct them to the Consumer Response at the 1-800-315-9795 or send inquiries to Tell Us mailbox.

Can I add my own formula or a competitor’s tube feeding formula in the App?

Yes, you can enter information on competitive tube feeding products but since the App links to other Nestlé resources (such as and product information) those patients on Nestlé pediatric products will be more able to take full advantage of the App’s benefits. Also, Nestlé product information is pre-populated in the App, allowing for quicker entry. When presenting the MyTubefeeding™ Tracker App, AEs should highlight the App as an innovative resource provided by Nestlé, committed in pediatric nutrition.