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Major Surgery

Specialized immunonutrition assists recovery after major surgery

Major Surgery

Before and after major surgery, adequate and appropriate nutrition can help improve outcomes in a cost saving manner.1

It is estimated that more than 230 million major surgical procedures are performed every year worldwide, and that approximately 50% of US health care expenditures are surgery related.2,3

Clinical studies have proven that supplementing the diet with specialized nutrients called immunonutrients may help restore the body’s immune and microcirculatory responses and help reduce postoperative complications, even when the patient presents to surgery well-nourished.4

In fact, immunonutrition containing supplemental L-arginine, EPA + DHA from fish oil and nucleotides has been shown to decrease the risk of infectious complications by 51% compared to standard nutritional formula, whereas other immunonutrient formulas studied without this particular combination of nutrients did not make a statistical difference in outcomes.5

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