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COMPLEAT® tube feeding formulas are made to include a variety of ingredients from real food to support the needs of tube feeding patients, both children and adults. COMPLEAT® products are made with ingredients from real food such as, chicken, fruits, vegetables, and cranberry juice concentrate. With COMPLEAT® Pediatric and COMPLEAT® Pediatric Reduced Calorie, you will have the assurance of complete nutrition that is made for children ages 1-13.

The COMPLEAT® family of formulas now includes:

• More Fruit & Vegetable Ingredients — Blend of 6 fruit and vegetable ingredients in each COMPLEAT® formula, including ingredients from real food, such as tomato paste, peaches, green beans, carrots, cranberry juice concentrate and peas.

Protein — Contains a blend of milk, chicken and pea protein

Fiber — Pea fiber, gum acacia, FOS, inulin, and fiber from fruit and vegetable ingredients

• Now with brown rice syrup — No corn ingredients

• No soy ingredients


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