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ARGINAID® drink mix delivers 4.5 grams of supplemental L-arginine per serving and vitamins C and E to help support the unique nutritional needs of individuals with wounds. With only 25 calories per serving, it's suitable for people who require a calorie restriction.

ARGINAID® drink mix blends easily with water, fruit juices, applesauce or yogurt - providing a convenient way to supply vitamin C, vitamin E and 4.5 grams of L-arginine per serving. Available in Cherry and Orange flavors.


Product Details

Appropriate for these diets:
lactose-free, gluten free, kosher, sugar-free

Not for IV use.



Recommended Usage

Oral Administration: Mix one packet ARGINAID® with 6-8 fl oz (180-240 mL) of water, stir briskly and consume.

Tube Feeding Administration: Mix one packet ARGINAID® with 4-6 fl oz (120-240 mL) water. Administer by syringe through a feeding tube. Flush afterwards with a minimum of 1-2 fl oz (30-60 mL) water.


Two servings per day are recommended. Servings may vary according to individual assessment by a qualified healthcare provider.


INGREDIENTS (ORANGE): L-arginine powder, citric and malic acids, sodium ascorbate, alpha-tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E source), and less than 2% of aspartame (sweetener)*, acesulfame potassium (sweetener), natural and artificial flavor, color (beet juice, turmeric and annatto extracts)

*phenylketonurics: contains phenylalanine

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