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HCU express™

HCU express™

HCU express is a powdered methionine free medical food for the dietary management of Homocystinuria.


PKU gel is suitable from 1 year of age.

HCU express is a medical food intended for use under medical supervision.

Download the HCU express 15 datasheet

Download the HCU express 20 datasheet

Key features

  • Available in 15g and 20g protein equivalent pre‐measured packets
  • Contains essential and non-essential amino acids, carbohydrate and a full range of vitamins, minerals and trace elements 
  • Unflavored
  • Helps to support weight management1:
  • Express15 contains 74 calories per packet
  • Express20 contains 101 calories per packet
1. Acceptability data on file (2002)


Product Number



Reimbursement Code



HCU express15 Unflavored

30 x 25g packets


B4162 & B4157


HCU express20 Unflavored

30 x 34g packets


B4162 & B4157

 WIC-Eligible Medical Food

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Inborn Errors of Metabolism