Complete Liquid Nutrition
Specifically Formulated for Children Ages 1-13

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Product intended for use under medical supervision. 

Features At-A-Glance

kcal/mL: 1.0
Caloric Distribution (% of kcal)
     Protein: 12%
     Carbohydrate: 44%
     Fat: 44%
Protein Source:
     milk protein concentrate, whey protein concentrate
NPC:N Ratio: 183:1
MCT:LCT Ratio: 20:80
n6:n3 Ratio: 5.3:1
Osmolality (mOsm/kg water): 350
Renal Solute Load (mOsm/L): 256
Water: 85%
Meets or exceeds 100% DRIs ▲ for protein and as key vitamins and minerals:
    1-8 years        1000mL
    9-13 years      1500mL
HCPCS Code: B4160

Appropriate for:
lactose intolerance*, gluten-free, low-residue, kosher

* Not for individuals with galactosemia

  • 50% whey protein to promote tolerance
  • Reformulated to meet the 2011 IOM recommendations for calcium & vitamin D
  • Contains CalciLock™ blend of essential nutrients to help support healthy bone development
  • Nutritionally complete tube feeding or oral supplement
  • Closed system with SpikeRight® PLUS port, the first available proximal-end enteral connector system designed to be incompatible with IV equipment

▲Dietary Reference Intakes (DRIs) are nutrient reference values developed by the Institute of Medicine of The National Academies. They are intended to serve as a guide for good nutrition and provide the scientific basis for the development of food guidelines.

†CalciLock™ is a combination of essential nutrients to help build and maintain strong bones. This nutrient blend includes calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, and vitamins D, C & K and is designed to help support healthy bone development.

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