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On Tuesday, June 9, our Business Leader shared the below message of solidarity that reinforced our commitment to building a diverse and inclusive culture at Nestlé Health Science.

Hi Team,

The U.S. is in a moment of outrage over the far too familiar acts of violence against the Black community. We are feeling deep pain, anger, frustration, anguish, and fear over the recent instances of injustice and racism with the deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and others. We are at a pivotal moment in the U.S., and we must, as individuals and as One Team, do better than we have before. We must stand up, speak up, and take action.

Let me start by saying: Black Lives Matter. Nestlé Health Science is committed to building an inclusive and diverse culture; one where we do not tolerate injustice or inequality. It is foundational to the strength of our organization and the right thing to do as citizens of the world.

You have my commitment and that of the Leadership Team to be a catalyst for change – to be an organization where inequality, racism, and injustice are not tolerated and where we openly discuss how to do better without fear of retribution. You have our commitment that this will be a real priority for the organization. You have our commitment to listen, seek to understand and educate, and work together to find real solutions.

The work we have done around diversity and inclusion is a good start. But it is not nearly enough. It is just the beginning of what must be a concerted effort to make real change.

I can’t promise that we will change things overnight. But I can promise that together we will work to be the change we want to see -- truly becoming One Team that walks the talk on valuing diversity and creates an inclusive environment, where people can stand up and speak up, and where inequality is not tolerated. The HSLT and I are committed to developing and executing comprehensive plans to make real change, and we will provide you with quarterly progress updates.

Please join me on this journey. I will ask you for three things:

  1. Please reach out to your colleagues who may be in pain and who may be silent because they are not comfortable sharing or speaking up. We must create an open environment for honest and true dialogue, regardless of how uncomfortable it may be.
  2. Please identify one thing that you can personally do on an ongoing basis to be an ally for those with less privilege and those whose voices may not always be heard.
  3. I would like to offer a genuine and heartfelt thank you to all of our associates of color who have reached out and shared their concerns, experiences, insights and advice. My, your manager and your HR business partners’ “virtual doors” are always open to hear how you’re doing; to hear what we can do better; and to hear your ideas. We’re committed to working with you to pave a path ahead that leads to a better future.

We proudly talk about how diversity and inclusion is a core principle of our culture. We must harness this moment to show what kind of an organization we truly are and live our commitment to build an inclusive organization that draws strength from our differences, now and in the future.

Together, I look forward to listening, learning, understanding, and being the change.

Stay healthy, safe, and strong.

Best regards,