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PEPTAMEN JUNIOR® is a brand you can feel good about. PEPTAMEN JUNIOR® is complete nutrition in a tube-feeding formula made for children with digestive impairment. Studies of children with gastrointestinal conditions have shown improved feeding tolerance with PEPTAMEN JUNIOR® (a formula with broken down protein, also known as a peptide-based formula) compared to formulas with intact protein1-2. PEPTAMEN JUNIOR® is often recommended for children age 1-13 years old who cannot tolerate formulas with intact protein, also known as standard formulas. 


1. Dylewski, et al. Whey peptide formula improves tube feeding tolerance in burn patients. Abstract. Clin Nutr Week. 2006. 2. Fried. Decrease in gastric emptying time and episodes of regurgitation in children with spastic quadriplegia fed a whey-based feeding. J Ped 1992. 120:579-572.

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